1. RCTACameron

    [Unofficial] 1.71 2x2 average of 5

    1.63, (1.52), (2.78), 1.81, 1.68 = 1.71 PB before this was 1.91, these were really easy scrambles. Cube: LanLan lubed with silicone Method: Full CLL and EG-1, with anti-CLL.
  2. WitEden

    Transparent DaYan Ⅴ- ZhanChi 3x3x3 Magic Cube

    DaYan Ⅴ- ZhanChi (Chinese name:展翅) Size:5.7cm material:PC This Transparent DaYan Ⅴ- ZhanChi is prototype version,not official version Mainly used Sponsorship product of the Chinese WCA Rubik's cube competition. This version has produced about 100 pcs, is absolute limited edition...
  3. 300SpartanX

    3x3 Rubik's Cube Example Solve

    my example thing: please comment. edit: i took out the word "tutorial" by popular request.
  4. antoineccantin

    White or black stickers on white cubes?

    On your white speedcubes, do you have white or black stickers? PS: I know there is already a thread on this, but there is no poll.
  5. cubeflip

    The DaYan ZhanChi

    Woah! DaYan is coming out with a new cube. I wonder if it will be better than the GuHong. LubixCube posted this video of the new DaYan ZhanChi. Check it out!
  6. brandbest1

    Dayan GuHong or Shengen FII

    Hey guys, I am deciding between two cubes: the Dayan Guhong 3x3, and the Shengen FII. Which one shall I get? (And yes, ignore the sticker quality of the FII. I can resticker it.) Also, if it is a Dayan, should I get a Dayan Stickerless cube, the DIY kit, or the assembled version? sorry if i...
  7. Itchy Cacti

    Best Cube?

    I've been cubing for about a year now, and I want to upgrade cubes. I currently have a storebought (modded) and a C4Y DIY. I average about 40 sec. What do YOU think is the best cube for me? I don't care how expensive it is. I'm looking for a fast cube that cuts at least one cubie. If you...
  8. MalusDB

    Small Hands

    Okay so I'm a noob. I know and accept this. But heres the thing i want to know. Is there a better cube for people with small hands? My hands are pretty darn small. They are definitely a disadvantage when i play guitar, and it seems that it should be for cubing. I was just thinking that, since...
  9. primecuber

    2x2 WR

    How Long do you think the 2x2 WR is going to stand for. And who will beat it Erik,Feliks or Rowe??
  10. Max CUBErick

    [Unofficial] MaxCuberful 4x4 avg5, 2x2 avg12, 2x2-4x4 relay

    Hi guys! Here are some more videos. I've recently got my LanLan 2x2 and ShengShou 4x4! And they are pretty good! 4х4 is Yau Method!!! 2x2 is Fridrich method. I know I should learn CLL.. Thanks for watching! P.S. Sorry for big post. :D
  11. ianography

    Experiences with Cubers Outside of the Cubing World

    Yeah, just what the title says. I'll start it off. So, when I lived in Georgia (before I was a cuber), my family and I went to the World of Coke museum in Atlanta. While going to wait in line, I pass this guy with a white cube in hand and he was solving it quite fast (atleast it was fast to me...
  12. ianography

    Combined Cubing Channel

    First thing is, sorry about putting the thread here, I couldn't really find a better place. Okay, so I saw a thread on CubeDepot about somebody wanting to start another cubing channel/group, but since the group was already full, I thought that I could make my own. anyway, I don't have a...
  13. ianography

    Dayan, Please Make a Mini Guhong

    I think it would be really cool if they did
  14. ben1996123


    Saw this, and decided to find some others. using MathGV (Direct download) Green one is R = sin(theta^x)+pi Brownish one is R = sin(cos(tan(sec(csc(cot(theta))))))