1. samuelqwe

    CCT like timer on mobile?

    Hi everyone, i was thinking about this idea to create an ios/android app that would allow the stackmat timer to be connected to the phone. Kind of like CCT. I think this would be possible since CCT uses audio frequencies to detect time. So, since an iphone does have a microphone/headphones...
  2. A

    Where Can I Get Free Timer For IOS?

    Hello, I want to know whether or not there are any free available super graphics-functionalized cube timers available in the App Store? I am an amateur cuber and average about 35 sec. Please help me to track my times, calculate my average, most accurately as possible. Thanks for your...
  3. IngeneroiOS

    CubeTimer for iOS 2.0

    Hi everyone, We've just launched CubeTimer 2.0, and it really is a whole new app. We've rewritten and rebuilt it from the ground up to make it faster and more stable while simultaneously adding a host of new features. It's free to existing owners of CubeTimer. One of these features is a...
  4. supergin

    ChaoTimer Released! (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Timer)

    ^_^ Please rate 5 stars after you try it. Thanks!:) ====================================================== Get it in the app store: Or just search for "ChaoTimer" in app store. v3.0 (10/25) - New icon, new user interface and...
  5. IngeneroiOS

    CubeTimer - iOS speedcubing timer

    EDIT: We've launched version 2.0. The thread can be found here. Hi all. CubeTimer v1.4 has been released onto the App Store, bringing some major improvements. It's still only US$0.99. I'll let the feature list speak for itself. • Tap anywhere on the screen to stop the stopwatch. • Stackmat...