1. CuberMan

    [Official] 7.96s single at Jakarta Open (Non-Lucky)

    Here's the video of 7.96s 3x3 non-lucky single, done by Stephen Adhisaputra in the 1st round of Jakarta Open 2012. Jakarta Open Result: I failed at all finals :facepalm:
  2. CuberMan

    [WR] Rubik's Clock Average 7.09 by Jonathan Irvin Gunawan

    Done in Bandung Open 2012 - Bandung, Indonesia. (8.30), 6.81, 7.56, 6.90, (6.75) = 7.09 update: results posted on WCA!
  3. CuberMan

    [Indonesian NR] Riadi Arsandi Pyraminx 2.02 single

    Scramble : R U' R U B R' B' R' l' Solution: l U L U' L' B R' B' R Saturday, January 21st, 2012 Samarinda Square Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
  4. superduperabner

    [AsR] Pyraminx single 2.55 Adam Rotal Yuliandaru

    #2 WR at Malang Speedsolving Competition 2011 with LBL method scramble : U R U R' U B' R U l' u' solution : u l L' U' L R' B
  5. H

    [Unofficial] muhammad jhan khalilurrahman 3x3 9.02 avg5

    another indonesian, he's faaast. i envy :p