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    600 Subscribers International Giveaway! Win GAN 356M and gift cards

    Hey guys, sup! Hope you all are doing good! Recently my channel hit 600 Subs and this is so cool! The love you all show towards my channel is awesome! So me along with my sponsors rlcubeshop are hosting a 600 subscribers international giveaway! Lots of effort has been put into making this video...
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    3x3 MeiLong 3M Unboxing + First Impressions | rlcubeshop

    Hey guys! Hope you all are doing good! In this video we'll be taking a look at the Meilong 3M, which is a budget cube released by MoYu! If you're interested, do consider giving this video a watch! It'd be highly appreciated! Thank you :)
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    3x3 Gan 356 RSM review

    Hey! This is definitely one of my most favourite video on my channel! Really put in a lot of effort into making this video, so if you all could watch it and maybe give me some feedback if you have any, it would be appreciated! Also, do consider to check out some more videos on my channel, and...