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    [Help Thread] How to solve faster 2x2 if I learned Ortega method?

    I have a problem in that. I have learned how to solve 2x2 with Ortega method so but I still only get average 12~14 seconds but I see many players can get sub 4~5. I need experienced peoples to give me some advice. Thanks:) (Sorry for my bad grammar)
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    How can I bring my time on 2x2 with Ortega down from 7-8 seconds to 4-5 seconds?

    I learned Ortega a few days ago on my 2x2 and now instead of getting averages of 5 or 6 I am getting averages of 7 or 8. How can I lower my time to 4-5 seconds like everyone says I should be able to with Ortega?