1. G

    Atlanta Competition

    I would like to get a competition started in Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta is a great hub in the south east of the US with many great venues and hotels. i work in the event industry during the day so im very familiar with atlanta and the surrounding area. The southeast needs some more competitions...
  2. emilia84

    State championship cubing competitions

    The Georgia Cubing championship competition is coming up in December, and I would like to go. My question is, do you have to be very good at a puzzle to go to a state comp? Or can cubers of any skill level attend state comps?
  3. YouCubing

    Atlanta Area Skype Cubing Group? :D

    I've been looking for cubers around the Atlanta area who I can Skype with sometimes. If you live in the Atlanta area, or maybe really southern Tennessee, eastern Alabama, etc., and you have Skype, then maybe we can make a group! If you want to be in my group, post your Skype here and let me...
  4. Ultimate Cuber

    Unofficial Cubing Competition In Georgia, USA

    I'm thinking about possibly organizing an unofficial cubing competition at the Laurens County Library in Dublin, Ga but I need to have a rough estimate of how many people would come if I did. Also if holding the competition at the library doesn't work out, my grandmother's church has a large...
  5. nuclearbigdaddy

    Cubing Competition in Georgia

    I am a resident of Canton Georgia and was wondering if anyone was planning a cubing competition any time soon. I was hoping for a Marietta 2013 competition. I started cubing back in January 2012 and there haven't been any competitions since 2011! It would be my dream to go to a cubing...
  6. nuclearbigdaddy


    I am new to these threads, I live in Canton, Georgia (time to make redneck joke) and have been cubing for about three months. -I play piano and Alto saxophone. -I am in all advanced and accelerated classes in school. -My PB on 3x3 is 19 Seconds seconds using CFOP. I average 28 seconds. -I know...
  7. Codee

    Speedcubing in Georgia, USA

    Are there any cubers in georgiaon here??
  8. N

    [Help Thread] Organizing official WCA competitions

    So.. Today we (not defining with who) decided that we should make Estonian comp.. But when we make it then we will need a WCA judge/judges.. How can you make it? Because We think that we could make it but the only thing is the WCA delegate. How much and how can we get them here?? thanks...