1. Noahaha

    [Unofficial] Slow Motion 3BLD (28.88)

    I thought this was pretty cool.
  2. Jokerman5656

    [Help Thread] The "Square-1 Help / Alg Sharing" thread

    This thread is here to help all of you fella's that are looking to get some tips for the Square-1, also it is here for people to ask and share algs and methods they use. If you post in this thread and aren't getting a reply within a few days then feel free to message me and I'll do my best to...
  3. D-Faze

    [video] My name is Feliks Zemdegs

    Made by me and Sillas Tsutsui EPICNESS OVER9000 Based on interviews made by Sillas Tsutsui: http://www.speedsolving.com/forum/entry.php?21-Interview-with-Jessica-Fridrich-and-Zbigniew-Zborowski-about-Feliks-Zemdegs http://www.speedsolving.com/forum/entry.php?23-The-Faztest Music...