1. C

    The Cubing Club - Weekly Competition

    Hello! This week The Cubing Club is hosting another weekly comp with prizes, as we are sponsored by TheCubicle. We have a lot of different events and you can compete until this sunday. Link to the server: https://discord.gg/3zupwUC All info for the competition is on this page...
  2. Cube Tribe

    New discord :)

    Hey guys, so I made a discord for cubers and we've been doing really well since we started, so I thought hey, why not post it here and see if anyone's interested :) https://discord.gg/HK93pgd
  3. Dylan Swarts

    Blindfolded Cubing Discord Server!

    Hey everyone, hope you are keeping safe in these times. I'm in the works of setting up a discord focused on the blind events, and non WCA blind events as well. The goal of the discord is to create a friendly, constructive environment for cubers to discuss the art of blindsolving. I am aware that...
  4. KFCubes

    New Cubing Podcast! (OCD Cube Cast)

    Hello cubers! I am starting a new cubing themed podcast with 2 of my friends. We currently have no content yet, but we are going to film our first episode on Sunday, March 29, and this will act as a kind of introduction video. We will try to upload at least once a month. We have a whole Discord...
  5. CubeTuristic

    CubeTuristic Discord Community

    CubeTuristic is a Discord Server where you can talk to other cubers from all around the world! Whether you're a beginner, or even an advanced cuber, discussions and information about cubing will be shared with everyone and there's always something new to be learned! There are many things you can...
  6. Dylan Swarts

    Welcome Teen Speedsolvers!!

    Hey Everyone. Here in RSA there aren't many cubers and I want to form a little group thing. Preferably teens. My goal is to have us talk and grow as cubers and share cubing moments together! Anyone interested can drop a message and maybe we can form a discord. Cya!