1. pdid

    [Help Thread] Disassembly and Assembly Thread

    Hi, I looked through the forum and couldn't find anywhere where I could learn to disassemble my cubes, so I thought I'd create this thread. I thought this thread would be a good place to ask questions and post videos on how to assemble or disassemble. I thought I'd start it off by asking how...
  2. Winston Yang

    [Help thread] DaYan ZhanChi

    Hi I recently received a Dayan Zhanchi and it is really good and I was wondering if your center caps are really loose like myns they are really loose
  3. J

    Reassembling Square-1

    I recently dug up an old Square-1 from about three years ago that I got from Thinkgeek.com (although its called the irregular IQ cube on their website). The stickers are falling off, it is really dirty and stiff, etc. So, I decided to get some new stickers from Cubesmith and clean all the...
  4. anuradha

    Disassembling and 45 degree turn

    Hello everyone, While disassembling a 3x3, what is the advantage of rotating a layer 45 degrees before taking out the first piece out on cubes with circular cavities? Since the cavity is circular, the gap doesn't widen by a 45 degree turn. A possible answer: If we want to remove FU edge...