1. Tony Fisher

    Flat Earth Twisty puzzle

    I AM NOT A FLAT EARTHER!!! After the enormous success of my flat earth video I decided to follow it up with a similar one. However this time I am starting it with an actual flat earth puzzle which I have made from a Floppy Cube. The video mixes puzzles with debunking flat earth fantasy in my...
  2. u Cube

    Custom Stickerless Shades

    So I was thinking about this for awhile now, the cubicle has the ability to dye puzzles, so on their custom cubes, couldn't they offer custom stickerless shades? Honestly, It seems like a good idea and the only drawback I see is maybe the dye could alter the feel and maybe it would have uneven...
  3. Z

    New Timer - Your Ideas!

    Hi everyone, I am currently in the planning stage of a new web based speedcubing timer. I will be developing this new timer on my own. I have already come up with some basic ideal functions which are listed below. Custom inspection time and more, including official WCA timing option Time...
  4. monkeytherat

    Custom Magic / Master Magic Insert Showoff Thread

    I recently made some custom inserts for my unstrung magic and decided to, looking or a gallery-of-sorts for magic inserts, peruse the forum. To my surprise, there were none! I decided there were two possibilities... 1) No one thought to do it 2) Only very few people have custom magic inserts...
  5. 300SpartanX

    Custom Nintendo Rubik's Cube

    Yes, I made this. Check it out: