1. Noahaha

    Cubing World Season 3

    Hey everyone!!! I'm excited to announce season 3 of Cubing World, which will feature 12 cubers and 5 videos a week instead of just 4. Here is the trailer: The season will start on Monday, May 27. I will be updating this post with the new videos as the season goes on. If you like the...
  2. Noahaha

    Noah's BLD Tutorials

    Hey guys! So I'm going to be making a whole bunch of BLD tutorials in the next few months. Although I will be posting them on the CubingWorld channel, I'll also be updating this thread with them, so you guys can leave your comments and suggestions. Sometime in November I will be coming out with...
  3. I

    Has anyone been to CubingWorld?

    has anyone been to If anyone has bought something there can you tell me if the shipping is fast I heard it is located in Ottawa and I live in Toronto. Also were the cubes you received good? thanks -IQBEEN

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