cubing group

  1. T

    Any Cubers from Newcastle Australia?

    I'm looking to get together with other cubers - maybe form a cubing group. I live in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Are there any other cubers here from my area?
  2. Dylan Swarts

    Welcome Teen Speedsolvers!!

    Hey Everyone. Here in RSA there aren't many cubers and I want to form a little group thing. Preferably teens. My goal is to have us talk and grow as cubers and share cubing moments together! Anyone interested can drop a message and maybe we can form a discord. Cya!
  3. V

    Oregon and Washington Cubers

    If you're from Oregon or Washington this is for you. I would love to make more cubing friends in my area. Comment if you have an interest in being cubing friends or being in a cubing friend group. Maybe we can talk. Thanks!
  4. YouCubing

    Atlanta Area Skype Cubing Group? :D

    I've been looking for cubers around the Atlanta area who I can Skype with sometimes. If you live in the Atlanta area, or maybe really southern Tennessee, eastern Alabama, etc., and you have Skype, then maybe we can make a group! If you want to be in my group, post your Skype here and let me...