1. boatox

    Cube Timer for Samsung Smartwatch "Timeless Cube"

    Hello :) , I am Boatox alias Sebastian Struve from Germany and i would like to introduce my App "Timeless Cube" for a Samsung Smartwatch with Tizen OS like the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. Please tell me if you like the app or if the app doesn't make sense. Timeless Cube replace the typically...
  2. IngeneroiOS

    CubeTimer for iOS 2.0

    Hi everyone, We've just launched CubeTimer 2.0, and it really is a whole new app. We've rewritten and rebuilt it from the ground up to make it faster and more stable while simultaneously adding a host of new features. It's free to existing owners of CubeTimer. One of these features is a...