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  1. Iwannaganx

    Buying cubes at comps.

    I wanted to buy a new 3x3, and I have decided on a Gan 356X. (I will make a new speedsolving account and call it 'ihaveaganx') I wanted to go to, the physical shop, about half an hour away from my house. But then my NON-CUBER mother told me I should save my money and when I go...
  2. Zain_A24

    [Review] YJ YuChuang V2M 5x5 Full In Depth Review - vs Little Magic 5x5M? | Britcubes

    YJ YuChuang V2M Review Introduction This is my completely unbiased opinion of both Britcubes and the YJ YuChuang V2M 5x5. Be sure to leave any comments below with any feedback for future reviews. I will be using the same format I did for the Meilong 4x4 and 4x4M Review, but I am open to...
  3. KongShou

    UK Speedcube shop - Cheap cubes anyone?

    Hi I know quite a few people has posted about opening a cube shop based in the uk. Im thinking of the same thing but i promise the price will be cheaper than any other shop based in the uk. But i cant be certain on that because i have no idea how much cubes cost in uk speedcube shops nowdays. so...
  4. iCubeTime

    LunHui's Are Now Available at iCubeMart

    The long-waited DaYan LunHui is now available to order at iCubeMart! You can choose it in either black or white plastic. All cubes come fully assembled and ready to cube with right out of the box. Buy it here now and get it shipped out tomorrow...