cube meet

  1. C

    Looking for a cube meet in Arizona

    Ive been speed solving for about 2 years now and i was looking for some other people to cube with if there are any in Arizonia it would be cool to hear back from you.
  2. A

    Texas Speedcubing

    Any Houston cubers? I feel like there is, but there isnt =P Well yea i looked through the WCA comps and dont see any in houston o.O So yea i want go to competition one day.
  3. dChan

    Speedcubing in California

    This is another desperate attempt to find some other cubers in California. Would be cool if we could meet up somewhere where we can do some cube races and stuff. I still don't really know any cubers in real life so if you are in the area or live here in CA just post here so we can meet up or...