1. Burrito

    Burrito Cubing Comp 11/12/22-17/12/22

    What this is: A weekly ZZ method users competition, with a next round for top 8 cubers How to sign up: Sign-up Sheet How this works: Step 1: Use the above sheet to sign up. Step 2: Go to my Discord and go to the Weekly Comp channel to get the scrambles. Step 3: Use the form in the Discord to...
  2. Burrito

    Info about ZZ-C++?

    Hey all! I have been trying to find info and a finished all-in-one algsheet for ZZ-C++ and I haven't found anything. Any info would help (I know about the proposal video). Thanks in advance!
  3. Burrito

    Delta Chat Cubing Group

    There is an app, Delta Chat, that is a modern chat app with a twist — it uses the email protocol so all you need is an email (preferably gmail to set up an app password, google “gmail app password for more details). I have a YouTube channel and I would like to record some head to head battles...
  4. Burrito


    Hi, I want to stick with ZZ but I am not sure if the above algsets are good. Any help is appreciated!