1. gundershot

    How Common is Colour Neutrality?

    I was always under the impression that being colour neutral was a normal thing, I was able to master colour neutrality in about 2 weeks. After some searching about colour neutrality, it seems to me that most people can only start on white. Is colour neutrality really that uncommon?
  2. S

    Sticker thread

    I know there haven't been any threads like this before concerning just stickers. No thread has soley just covered this area in cubing. I think that it would be a good idea, to just post about what kind of stickers you use on your cubes, what colours, size, logo's, where you buy them, how often...
  3. ottozing

    [Help Thread] Megaminx Discussion and Help

    This thread is for megminx discussion. Feel free to discuss anything involving megaminx from methods to algorithms to hardware or anything else you want to talk about :) There are general discussion threads for CFOP, Roux, Petrus, ZZ/ZB, and even big cubes. But I haven't stumbled upon any...
  4. A

    Color neutrality

    How important is color neutrality? I make white cross; oll and pll algos on yellow. If I try to use some other color combination my time increases by 30 sec or so.. It feels like I'm searching for 1 f2l pair from decades. Does color neutrality effect\affect (I don't actually know whether to use...
  5. antoineccantin

    White or black stickers on white cubes?

    On your white speedcubes, do you have white or black stickers? PS: I know there is already a thread on this, but there is no poll.
  6. cubersmith

    Color nutrality

    I am wondering if there are are any advantages of being not color nutral, i struggle to remember what color i solved the cross on when i am doing f2l. If it was the same color I wouldn't have that problem. Should i stop being color nutral? Please help