1. R

    Selling cube cases to keep cubes clean!

    Hi there! If you've ever had a hard time keeping your cube clean because you have no where to store it, today's your lucky day! I just started making these fully lined, fabric cube cases in order to keep dirt out of my cube. These are hand-sewn and you can choose whichever color you'd like or...
  2. PuduMaster

    OLL case 47

    Any good algs for this case?
  3. S

    The "Request an Alg" Thread

    So, I'm working on another lolmethod. If someone can help me with alg-finding, that would be awesome; others can now and later use this thread to request help with alg-generation/finding for odd systems that they're working on. What I need is this: The flipped edge ELS cases with each 6 CPLL...