1. M

    Selling Entire SpeedCube collection (with Some Rare Other Twisty Puzzles)

    Hello! I have lost interest in Twisty Puzzles over a year ago and decided to put up my collection for CASH offers (paypal). Email me at [email protected] to discuss offers. PRICES ARE NOT FINAL My collection includes : 1 StackMatPro Timer w/ Mat ($15) 1 Shengshou 7x7; Great...
  2. A

    The Ultra Cubes Contest!

  3. Roman

    6x6+ Blindfolded Rankings Thread

    6x6x6 blindfolded ranking #NameTime [memo]LinksCountry1Graham Siggins6:45.64 [3:40.96]video, postUnited States2Roman Strakhov7:58.33 [3:36.56]video, postRussia3Tom Nelson8:20.88 [3:49.40]videoNew Zealand4Cale Schoon8:38.58 [3:59.00]video, postUnited States5Stanley Chapel9:15.80...
  4. iCube4fun

    Favorite Big Cube to solve?

    Do you like to solve the 4x4,5x5,6x6, or 7x7 List in order from favorite to worst...
  5. SoLarisAU

    Melbourne Big Cubes Open 2012

    Next Comp is going to be in six weeks from now. the event are as follows: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and finally 7x7. To answer some questions yes no 2x2 because this is a comp for big cubes. Two there are only going to be 2 rounds of 3x3 ie: firsts round then a final. Three please email me...
  6. Joker

    Faster big cube algs?

    Hey guys. I was thinking earlier today about the algs to solve parity on big cubes. These algs use slice moves, and can do things that are impossible on a 3x3, such at flipping a single edge. I was wondering if this could be used to make OLL and PLL cases better. The advantage is you can use...