1. King Mike

    How did your averages change through experience?

    I'm just curious of your averages and how they changed through experience. Please also list how your methods have changed... I'm just wondering how my cubing experience is different than yours, and I'm also wondering how I progress compared to others :) Here are mine: Week 4: Avg 1:47 (PB...
  2. PixelWizard

    Times 2 Graph

    Hey everyone I'm currently working on a small project! You can find it here: Times 2 Stats It converts times (which you can import from qqtimer or another timer) to different sorts of graphs (based on choice) and stats. Maybe I'll later convert this project to Times 2 Stats where you can also...
  3. U

    [Unofficial] Six Cubes - Six Averages

    I decided to try to make one average of 5 with a few types of cubes, partially because it was requested, and partially because I wan't to find a Main from my cubes. The averages aren't the best, but they are still good enough to see how the cubes perform. All scrambles and times are in the...