1. SpeedCubeReview

    Shengshou Aurora is a super fast cube

    Ok, hear me out. I have a Shengshou Aurora, Fangshi mini, Aolong V2, and Guanlong. After cleaning them, sanding down flashing and using lubix on the core the Aurora was the slowest cube of them all. I recently got a bottle of Maru lube and tried it on each cube. After using it my Aurora is...
  2. A

    Shengshou Aurora 2x2?

    so i decided i needed a new 2x2, i say the aurora on cubezz for just over $4, is it any good? are there any problems? i'm coming from a lanlan 2x2 so surely it can't be any worse?
  3. A

    YJ Sulong or Shengshou Aurora?

    Both are cheep cubes, but i would like to know what one is better, right now im leaning towards the aurora as i have used it before and know what i am getting, but would like to know other opinions thanks :D
  4. Chree

    Shengshou Aurora 2x2

    I like that shengshou is out of their dormant period and is making more products. I'll also be interested to see how this matches up against dayan, fangshi, wittwo, and moyu. Seems like standard 2x2 from the outside... aside from some interesting design choices...