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    Montreal Fall 2015 Competition

    I was just curious about if there is going to be a competition in Montreal during the fall like last year. If so, I would like there to be Skewb but idk. :tu By the way, I now realize this is in the wrong category. Sorry :/
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    [Unofficial] 10.34 3x3 OH avg5

    Average of 5: 10.34 1. 9.83 B2 D B2 U F2 D2 R2 U' R2 D R2 B' U2 B L D2 B' U' B2 R F 2. 10.90 U L2 U' F2 D F2 U F2 U' B2 U2 B' F2 D' R' F' L' B2 U' L' R2 3. (18.24) D R2 B2 D2 B R2 D' R' F L B' D2 F' R2 B2 R2 U2 F' R2 4. (9.58) D F2 D2 F' U' F2 U' R' B L2 D R2 B2 R2 U' D' F2 U R2 D 5. 10.30 B L2...
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    [Official] Antoine Cantin 12.48 3x3 OH avg (12.13 NAR without +2) (13.78+), 12.19, (10.80), 12.82, 12.43 = 12.48 Argh +2s :( That 3rd solve though :) Aaaaand I still pause too much.
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    [Canadian NR] Antoine Cantin 9.46 and 9.80 OH singles (12.73 and 13.34 averages)

    Antisune+PLL skip = lol The 13.34 average was the first round and the 12.73 average was the finals (second round). Finals were really intense, because Bill's times were really close to mine (14.90, (15.81), 11.88, (11.38), 13.08 = 13.29)
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    Antoine Cantin's cubing site (OH algs, 2GLL and more) My site has been up for a while, but today I made some changes, added some stuff and decided to finally officially announce it. The notable feature is a small alg database including: OH PLL 2 look OH OLL Full OH OLL OH COLL Feet PLL OH and 2H...
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    [Canadian NR] Antoine Cantin - 9.15 Clock avg & 7.83 single (and other videos)

    On a related note, I've now got 3 skewbs for sale.
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    [Official] Some of my solves from US Nationals 2012

    Unfortunately, most of my best solves were not filmed, but I still have some good ones. Any tips, tricks, comments or reconstructions would be very much appreciated!