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    How To be Sub 7/8 on 2x2

    Have not watched the video yet, but sub-7/8 seems like a ridiculous accomplishment. Is there any reasons such excellent average times have not been achieved in competition yet?
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    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    Hm I remembered how to use python correctly. There are 120 people faster at megaminx than 4x4, roughly what I expected. After finding this I checked a few more ridiculous comparisons: There are 9 people faster at 7x7x7 than megaminx. There are 7 people (including 2013FENG02) faster at 7x7x7...
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    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    How many people (like me) have both a 4x4 average and a Megaminx average, but their PB Mega average is faster?
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    Probability Thread

    Obviously information about the probability distribution of your times is necessary. If each time is 12.00 with probability 1, then obviously all your averages will also be 12.00. If you somehow know your distribution, a Monte Carlo simulation would probably be the best way to compute the...
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    Probability Thread

    1/360 chance of correct permutation 15/32 chance of exactly 2 flipped edges 1/768 total.
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    [NAR] Max Park 5.83 3x3 Average

    Huh he doesn't do double flicks for D2 in A-perms
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    Accomplishment Thread

    PB singles are fun lmao Scramble: R' B' U' B2 D2 R2 D L2 U F2 L2 U2 L2 U2 R' U L2 D L' B2 L2 x2 L F' R' D R2 D D cross U U R' U' R first pair U' R U' R' U R U R' second pair y' U' R U R' U' R U R' U' R U R' third pair L' U L fourth pair U U' U' R U R' U R U' U' R' LL 46 ETM/7.45 seconds=6.17 ETPS
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    Accomplishment Thread

    8.24 PB 3x3 single: Scramble: R2 L' U' F U' R' U' L2 F2 L2 F D2 F D2 F' L2 F2 D2 R2 L z2 D2' L2 D' L' R2 //xcross y2 U R U' R' U U y' R' U' R //pair 2 y' R U R' U y' R' U' R //pair 3 y U' L' U L U' U' L' U L //pair 4 U R U U R' U' R U R' U' R U' R' //LL 43 moves/8.24 seconds=5.22 ETPS
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    [Unofficial] Leo Borromeo - 3.99 3x3 Single

    NIce solve I guess, but you're a terrible person for posting it in this forum since you cant see the "(Unofficial)" in the title from the forums home page
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    3x3 PB after 1,3,6,12 months

    For singles: 1 month: Didn't track yet. Was still using Rubik's brand 3 months: 21.44 6 months: 10.25 12 months: 8.70 and Ao12: 3 months: 27.81 6 months: 16.25 12 months: 14.49
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    Famous Cuber Watch

    Max was top on 3-7 and OH, Daniel Karnaukh on 2x2, Paul Taylor on 3bld, DRL on feet, Alexei Sinyavin on Mega, Adriel Wiebe on Pyra and Skewb, Mathieu Hudon on clock, and Jackey Zheng on Squan so it was really a team effort. In particular Alexei was improtant cuz DRL is beatable at Mega.
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    Unofficial Official WCA Events Thread: Discussion and results spreadsheet

    Was skewb also competed in back then? It's listed as an event in the above screenshot.
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    Weekly Competition 2018-50

    Wait lol this was literally the first time in almost a year that i even looked at this thread