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    US Nationals 2020

    CubingUSA told me a few months ago that NA Champs will NOT impact whether they will hold Nationals next year. This is when locations were announced but not confirmed. I’m confident that there will be a nationals near the southern United States in late July early August like usual.
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    (New) What cubes should be added to the WCA events list?

    Let’s focus on whether we should remove certain events before we focus on adding another event that will just turn into a “cram 3 heats in before lunch” event.
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    Nazar Lenyshyn has been banned from the WCA.

    Nazar Lenyshyn, the “Ukrainian NR holder” for 3x3 has finally been banned for what appears to be a permanent period of time. All of his solves on his WCA profile have been wiped to oblivion. The reason for this, if you’re in the loop, is obviously his cheating, but if you are not in the loop, he...
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    Forums are almost unusable on Mobile today.

    Whenever I go to the home page of on my safari browser, I’m immediately being redirected to scam surveys and scam gift card claims. This has been happening since exactly 7 AM this morning. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but it might be worth to check it out and see what’s...
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    WCA World Championship 2019-Melbourne Australia July 11-14

    Max’s chance of being world champion in 3 are 50/50. He has really tight competition from Feliks, Patrick, and Tymon, as well as multiple other fast cubers. So to answer your above question, I agree with Erik.
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    Frequently Asked Questions About WCA Competitions

    Nope, I organized one at 15 as well, Pikes Peak 2019. Contact your local delegate and see what they can help you with
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    Starting a cubing group in Donelson Tennessee public library, please join.

    It appears to be in the Nashville Metro area. Perhaps this should be clarified.
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    [Member Intro] Hello from Nigeria

    A CR, or a continental record, is a record for the fastest time in your continent, in your case, Africa. I think only 1 Nigerian currently holds CRs, and those are Blindfolded events. The current 3x3 CR for Africa is 6.53 seconds. The current Average CR is 9.26 seconds. Link here to look at...
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    1.03 Skewb PB Single!

    Don’t count it imo as only 7 movers count officially.
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    Which Cube Should I Get? Up To Date Recommendations

    Yuxin Little Magic Square 1 should be added to both “Great” and “expert” due to its cheap price and viability. Add the Aoyan Skewb to Expert Add Aoshi GTS M 6x6 to Expert, as well as the XMan Spark 7x7
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    Win a free puzzle! Predict the winning average!

    Wow, I was almost on the money there, haha. You also had a great guess @tx789!
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    Cubing in Colorado

    Last chance to register for Pikes Peak 2019! Registration closes in 2 days!
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    Cubing in Colorado

    Yeah I’m not worried at all, haha What I am worried about is stripe not paying the funds to my bank account in some way, as its wanting me to put in a picture of an ID, but I don’t think that’s needed.
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    Cubing in Colorado

    To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting only 5 registrations the first night lol, let’s get these numbers up!