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    Your favorite cuber who's not the world's best?

    Noah Arthurs. Seems like a really great dude. He's passionate about not just cubing but the cubing community. Also his BLD tutorials are superb.
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    Lightake - Always Best Cubes with Best Price, Try now!

    Why doesn't lightake carry any 5x5x5 cubes?
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    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    I did not register online for tomorrow's competition in Caltech before the registration closed. My question is: am I able to register at the door? Thank you.
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    What puzzles can you solve?

    I haven't seen the word Fridrich in awhile. I've been using CFOP for the past few years now. ;)
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    Looking for an Edison 3x3x3 center cap!

    Agreed Black edison piece and California
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    Looking for an Edison 3x3x3 center cap!

    Paypal at the ready. What else could be said in the description that wasn't evident in the title? Incidentally I'd also like a C4Y 3x3x4 if you have one you'd like to sell.
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    Your old speedcubes?

    let's see here: Rubik's> Rubik's> Type A> Type C> DIYkit> Type D> Type FII> Type A5> Zhanchi Might have forgotten one or two
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    Do you glimpse at the timer during a solve?

    If the timer is already in my field of view. Especially during a big cube solve or long algorithm.
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    How do I get sub 15 on 3x3?

    step one: Learn full set of OLL/PLL step two: solve cube with 7 look system step three: repeat step two 2000 times.
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    World Championships 2013 - Las Vegas

    I will have turned 21 by then. I do believe I will go to this assuming I can afford to do so.
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    Adding stickers to stickerless Guhong?

    What about adding black stickers to all sides of the stickerless cubes? Daaaaaang
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    Cheapest cube ever bought!

    I found an original 1980 rubik's cube with original stickers (in the solved state, surprisingly) for a dollar at a yard sale.
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    Favorite part of cubing history?

    Either.... Matyas cheating exposure Erik's 7.08 Rowe's first sub-60 BLD release of V-cubes Ryan's sub-15 OH WR (only WR I witnessed)
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    [Unofficial] Teraminx sim solved in under 15 minutes

    I love your simulated cubing videos.