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    Trying to learn Full ZBLL

    Yeah, my theory is if you said this rather than "I just don't care" people might have been more understanding. I might be wrong. I don't think there is much of a benefit over the method I described. At least, I think personal preference is a perfectly acceptable reason not to want to learn...
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    Trying to learn Full ZBLL

    From what I can tell, it seems a lot of the frustration from other people in this thread is due to the fact that people are giving reasons to learn COLL first, but you're responding to them by saying you just don't care rather than explaining your logic. It's possible you had a good reason, but...
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    WCA API for multiblind format

    Just to add that it's explained on the WCA website here as well:
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    My quest for Sub 8 Petrus

    I have a bunch of Petrus example solves in this playlist: You can learn a lot from CFOP/Freefop and ZZ example solves as well, especially as all CFOP F2L cases can appear in Petrus, xcross often requires Petrus style...
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    Heise Method Discussion thread

    Try and find some algs for these cases that you can understand in terms of commutators and just set up to them for example: J perm = [R U R' F': [R U R' U', l']] U' T perm = [F R U' R': J perm]
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread
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    Converting algorithms to letters?

    For something as "small" as ZBLL I feel that you shouldn't worry about getting every part of an alg precisely encoded into an image. As long as you train your algs regularly, your brain should be able to fill in a lot of the gaps. If I were you, I'd just leave out all of the non trigger moves...
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    Current Fastest Corners-First-Method Solver

    I think Gianfranco Huanqui is probably one of the fastest if not the fastest corners first solver. He has a 10.56 single in competition, and I'd be surprised if he didn't have a sub 8 single and 11-13 second average at home, since I know that several BLDers of his caliber have unofficial...
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    Wanted: 11-periodic optimal algorithm

    He's the writer of ksolve++ and told me that he used it to find those algorithms. You can probably reach him on reddit (he's not on this forum).
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    Wanted: 11-periodic optimal algorithm

    Ben Whitmore found these just now using ksolve++: U L U F D2 U2 F' R' B' D' (10 HTM) U L U R D U' F' L' B' D' (10 HTM) He said that these are the shortest algorithms that have a order of 11. He also said that there are probably thousands of algs like these (10 HTM with an order of 11).
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    Wanted: 11-periodic optimal algorithm

    You might find this interesting: U B E F' R' B' E2 F y' is listed as an alg with an order of 11
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    Monthly Computer Cube Competition - August 2018

    2x2: 4.180 7.813 (2.331) 2.623 3.156 2.652 2.718 6.653 4.483 (9.451) 3.941 3.154 => 4.137 3x3: 10.546 7.952 9.479 11.391 11.072 10.242 10.432 11.032 (7.624) 8.296 7.888 (11.440) => 9.833 4x4: 1:05.425 (1:07.224) 55.617 1:00.760 (46.736) => 1:00.601 By the way, how about a BLD event :P?
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    Monthly Computer Cube Competition - July 2018

    2x2: 4.180 7.813 (2.331) 2.623 3.156 2.652 2.718 6.653 4.483 (9.451) 3.941 3.154 => 4.137
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    Monthly Computer Cube Competition - July 2018

    3x3: 8.529 8.121 8.703 9.551 (14.192) 10.383 10.999 8.895 11.600 (7.703) 9.215 8.377 => 9.437 //qcube v2 2x2: 2.520 3.775 2.992 2.464 3.178 4.209 4.864 3.497 (5.641) (2.225) 3.656 3.048 => 3.420 //qcubev2 4x4: 54.496 58.152 (1:12.081) 1:02.803 (50.455) => 58.484 //qcubev2 5x5: (1:48.223)...
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    Antislice move notation

    Many top BLDers, who use a lot of antislice moves for 3-style corners, tend to write them without spaces in their alg sheets. Random example from Ishaan's alg sheet: [UD R UD: [D' , R' U' R]] To be honest, if any convention is to catch on, it will probably be to remove the space in this...