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    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    Haven't been here in a while but did something for myself and figured I'd post it here as well. Events by number of world record holders: 22 Rubik's Cube: One-handed 21 4x4 Cube 20 Rubik's Cube 19 2x2 Cube 19 Rubik's Cube: Fewest moves 18 Rubik's Cube: Blindfolded 17 Square-1 17 Rubik's...
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    Scrambles: How Do They Work? (US Nationals 2016 Seminar)

    Hmm, I vaguely remember us talking about this a while back, but can't really remember and I've also been gone for a while... My actual target is big cubes, but let me first show the idea with the 3x3. Consider scrambling a 3x3 by applying a random-edges-state scramble and then applying a...
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    Scrambles: How Do They Work? (US Nationals 2016 Seminar)

    Nice talk. Darn, missed another US nats. I miss you people, please still be around next year :-) At 7:30 in the video you say there are alternative approaches to the usual random state scrambling. What did you mean?
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    All-Round Rankings (KinchRanks)

    Can you make that link go directly to the KinchRanks page? The page it does point to only has them hidden in a sub-menu.
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    Gorgeous visualizations of WCA World Record Histories

    If I'm not mistaken, then since Feliks became #1 in 3x3 average, ten different people were #2: Tomasz, Erik, Yumu, Rowe, Giovanni, Piti, Cornelius, Mats, Alexander and Lucas. Edit: Six different #2 for 3x3 single during Erik's 7.08 reign: Nakajima, Edouard, Kittikorn, Tomasz, Piti, and Harris.
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    Headphone used in BLD

    Is "not electronic noise-cancelling headphones" unclear?
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    <RUL> V Perm alg

    Quote from video (emphasis not mine): Mitchell Stern showed me that 8 years ago, and you can find it on many cubing pages including the wiki here. Yup.
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    [Unofficial] 7.83 average of 5 roux

    I watched the ending of the third solve about 15 times. Can't get enough of it.
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    2x2 speed increase!

    If you want to see how the world's best 2x2 solving looked like 10.6 years ago, here's Katsu's 5.79 seconds average-of-12 UWR video (don't know who uploaded it, you can also still get the original from his videos page).
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    [Proposal] Rename the Ortega 2x2 Method to Varasano

    I think this would've been the better story to tell - just focus on Varasano and what's actually known. And maybe ask Josef more directly, i.e., whether Ortega possibly made up his corner method in 1981 because we want to know whether Varasano did it first. Or even better, ask Ortega himself. I...
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    [Proposal] Rename the Ortega 2x2 Method to Varasano

    He didn't say that. He said "it" (the method) was inspired by those books. Maybe only Josef was inspired by that book. Or maybe he misremembers now. After all, he didn't mention that book back when the page was created and memories were fresher. And it's not clear what "inspired" means. Maybe it...
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    [Proposal] Rename the Ortega 2x2 Method to Varasano

    Don't know why you think I missed that. I didn't.
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    [Proposal] Rename the Ortega 2x2 Method to Varasano

    I'm also wondering how "The Varasano 2x2 method, I'm sure none of you have ever heard about this method and "There's many other people who are now referring to it as the Varasano method" can both be true. What point am I missing? I think you are missing my point.
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    [Proposal] Rename the Ortega 2x2 Method to Varasano

    I don't see why I wouldn't. Unless I have good reason to doubt it. Which I'd then say. I'm certain I wouldn't just ignore it and claim, without evidence, pretty much the opposite of what it says. Though I suspect Chris didn't ignore it but rather missed it. Which is a bit sloppy. Which, like I...
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    [Proposal] Rename the Ortega 2x2 Method to Varasano

    Where did Ortega popularize it as a 2x2 method? I don't even see 2x2 mentioned at all on, which is probably *the* page for the Ortega method. I showed you an Amazon review apparently written by Ortega, where he wrote "[The Simple Solution to Rubik's Cube by...