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    How many attempts did it take to get your first 3BLD success?

    If you want to have a success as fast as possible, sure it is. If you care about improving fast, just rush memo every time and DNF a lot.
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    How many attempts did it take to get your first 3BLD success?

    My first attempt was a success. Everyone said it's not going to happen, so I memorized for 30min or so, and had my success with ~45 min total. From what I've seen, usually people get their first success way later (like between attempts 10 and 50 maybe), but also way faster (between 7min and...
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    Trying to learn Full ZBLL

    Why are you calling it a break dude.
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    What is the easiest WCA event to get world class at?

    Pretty sure that FMC is the objective and only answer? You can get to a decent level (means being able to win any local competition, and with some luck also major comps) by just reading the tutorial and do a few solves. This takes nowhere near as much time as any speedsolving event. Of course in...
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    How to solve the Rubik's cube under 15 seconds

    Yeah this advice seems to be a how to sub10 tutorial (without saying what to do, but it outlines the important points so there's that).
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    How to Make the WORST F2L Case Amazing! | Fast Tips For Fast Solves

    Or you could just use the optimal alg: R2' U2' F R2 F' U2' R' U R'. Faster than any of the solutions so far, and you can force an EO skip as easily.
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    What makes an event good and which one is the best

    Yeah lol, learning BLD (and also getting a first success) was significantly faster for me than learning 3x3. Also I feel like the basic concept of BLD is supposed to be more easily understood than sighted 3x3, as it's really just the braindead "we solve one piece at a time, nothing else moves".
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    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    Sounds cool, I will have another look at it after the weekend.
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    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    Umm, co how it is done for ssc is pretty great, and as far as I can see you didn't come up with a solution to the steps after belt + co (which is the main disadvantage of ssc).
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    [Help Thread] Blindfolded discussion and help

    (U' M')3 U' M (U' M')3 U' M
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    Top Non-WCA Puzzles? (Most fun & Good hardware)--(anybody's opinion)

    Master Pyra is very good, but I'm too lazy to think of reasons right now.
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    How the 3.47 WR changes cubing

    While 3x3 single is a lot about luck, it still needs a lot of skill to be executed nicely. On top of that this WR isn't "just sub4", it's A LOT faster and there are not many people who have a time like that at home. Like, really not many.
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    New Hardware Won't Get You Faster

    It has happened multiple times to me that I changed from a modern cube to another modern cube and it instantly made me faster. I think you have a good intention in what you write, but hardware can definitely make a notable difference.
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    New Hardware Won't Get You Faster

    It's less about collecting, the statement that hardware doesn't matter is just plain wrong.
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    Famous Cuber Watch

    Well, there is an instagram post from a few days ago showing how he received a Gan Megaminx.. ^^