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    Unwanted Rubik's stands

    With the right calculations, you might be able to mod them for a 4x4 or a 5x5, although the 4x4 and 5x5 will by standard fit in the stands.
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    CFOP Blindfolded

    I wonder how the memorisation for that would be though...
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    Speedcubing for a blind person?

    No that was not too insensitive - blind jokes rock!
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    What is the lightest cube you have ever tried that is decent?

    My Zhanchi used to feel really light.
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    Speedcubing for a blind person?

    I might follow up with the delegate thing, but I am not planning on entering any competitions at the moment. Heck, I didn't even enter a competition before I went blind, but I did think about it many times so that's why I'm just thinking about what options are available, but yeah the textured...
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    Speedcubing for a blind person?

    Yes, I am using screenreader software which means that the computer reads out the text on the webpage using a synthesised voice. I might give the textured stickers thing a try. Also I did used to do some BLD before I went blind, and to me that seems a logical thing to do if one is a blind cuber...
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    Speedcubing for a blind person?

    Hello, I used to be a fairly regular poster here and I was very much into speedcubing. I grew tired of it a few years ago though. Since then (not related to my hiatus with cubing) I have gone blind. Obviously a blind person cannot really be a real speedcuber as such, but I was wondering if...
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    About One Answer Question Threads

    Just wanted to chip in and say that I clearly remember my frustration with those threads a long time ago before I stopped posting on this forum. I'm glad that this has been changed now, the new system should make things better.
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    You know you are a speedcuber when...

    You know you are a speedcuber when you have just deleted 19 MB of .txt files with exactly 12 cube scrambles in them. (Yes, seriously.)
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    Come see my new website!

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    Come see my new website!

    There are no viruses. If you can post a screenshot of what you're getting then I might be able to help you. Currently I've only tested it in Internet Explorer. Well unless someone signs up then it probably will be abandoned.
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    Come see my new website!

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    Mental Disorder/Illness

    Yeah, I've got those too (although it's not offical, but the symptoms are certainly). Like of got this annoying thing where I sometimes need to mash my hands on the computer keyboard ajsdkfasjdkf (like that LOL!) or sometimes it's just a single key, so I'm having to constantly use the backspace...
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    One-answer threads - what to do about them?

    No. I originally voted that I thought they should be left open for those who want to post in them, but to stop moving questions which want MORE THAN ONE ANSWER (a.k.a. a decent answer) into them.