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    Who created the Speedsolving forums??

    DO they even post things or make forums??
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    Quitting | cubing life stories ep1

    I like it alot!
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    [Discussion] Cubing YouTube Channels

    There are so many you-cubers out there, and I want every single one fo them to get HUGE!!! link your channel and well check it out!!!!!! Heres mine:
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    Looking for YouCubers 0-1K and 1K-5K Subs

    my channel is under 1k, if you want to check it out!
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    If you could only own cubes from one lineup, what would it be?

    ah, but thats where your wrong.
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    GAN 356X VS Rubik's Brand (do you really need a speedcube?)

    Oh definetly. Rubiks brands are TERRIBLE! i made a video about it:
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    i REALLY need help at 4x4!

    I h ave never heard of meyer before. how does it work?
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    Nir1213's YouTube Channel Thread|New Video! FUNNIEST CUBICLE REVIEWS!

    it doesnt say that you have any content on your channel.
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    i REALLY need help at 4x4!

    depends on the tutorials. There have been updated tips and tricks for every cube.