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    [Official] Grzegorz Jałocha 3BLD 21.45, WC2017(first round)

    Lol, tbh I was so happy when I found this footage that contains memo + reaction that I forgot that seeing me solving cube was also imporant :D Anyway, reconstruction(no fancy stuff involved, just simple comms):
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    [Official] Grzegorz Jałocha 3BLD 21.45, WC2017(first round)

    There was no decent footage from livestreams of my solves. Fortunately, LaZer0MonKey recorded my 21.45 PB :)
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    The reconstruction thread

    My BLD solves from WC2017 :)
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    Conditional random cube state for given number of targets

    @mark49152 It is ok when You choose a case that occurs often like 12 edge targets. Buf for condition like 2 edges twisted+ 13 edge targets it migth be slow. that's exactly what I will do i guess, since i have similar idea. But these weight's are important and i will have to estimate these and i...
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    Conditional random cube state for given number of targets

    Hello, I have algebra problem. Suppose i want to generate random state on cube with given condition: there must be 14 targets for edges. Is there an `easy` aproach in implementation algoritm, that it will output vector of edges permutations which for given condition is properly distributed...
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    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    Ooops sorry. I made mistake, 1. It was based on old dataset 2. I forgot to sort it before cutting to top10 by best.10.mean. So it is now Best 10 countries in best.10.mean by event. Rest of metrics is additional.
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    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    Just fun country rank stats: x% perc.- x% percentile of average result per person per event. I.e if for country xyz event abc there is 100 persons, then 1% perc.= mean of 10th person in this country rank x% mean.- mean of the top x% averages per country per event best.10.mean- most imprtant i...
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    Probability Thread

    Hello, I've digged out an old thread from polish forum where I estimated probablilities of getting an specific bld case(number of targets & number of twists for each edges and corners) by doing simulation in R. Since I had lazy weekend I've decided to do write this code again. Here is the table...
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    [SAR] Gianfranco Huanqui 24/24 MBLD in 56:00

    I didn't say it is impossible :P but i doubt in sub20 mo3 earlier than in ~2025
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    [NAR] Cale Schoon - 5BLD - 6:24.89

    Your previous pb was 9:38.13, done 3 months ago. ...Well, that escalated quickly :P
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    2015 Predictions

    Wrong bet, i've quit cubing
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    What's your all-time favourite cube-related video?

    Marcell Endrey first sub 30 avg of 5, every solve was like pll time attack, no pauses at all, very smooth&fast turning style. Even when i see it today i'm impressed
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    Top 10 World Record reactions

    I will do a video with speedcubing NR/CR reactions with some WR's i didn't include in this video, so if You Guys have any more suggestions i will use them :)