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    [Unofficial] Chris Parlette Rainbow Cube WR 10.20s from 2005

    Oh wow, I actually have that DVD. I haven't the slightest idea where it is though.
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    Your old speedcubes?

    Rubik's brand (2003-2005ish) -> type C -> GH -> FII -> Haiyan -> Dayan LingYun (sp?) -> Zhanchi Something like that. I might have used one or two other cubes before FII, but I think those last four are in correct order.
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    How lucky are you?

    I only remember having 2 LL skips, and those were over 5 years ago.
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    [WR] 3x3 With Feet 27.93 single Fakhri Raihaan

    On the rare occasions that it happens, it's always amusing to me when someone I've never heard of gets a WR. Congrats on the beastly solve, Fakhri! It's also fascinating to me that you did this without the stackmat. Well done, sir.
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    How long have you been cubing for? *New*

    About 9 years (summer 2003). My most serious cubing phase was probably 2005-2009, and the past few years I've basically stopped caring about attending comps or improving. I still pay a lot of attention to records and what's going on in the community, but I just have no desire to take it...
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    What was your best time at 2 months cubing?

    Probably somewhere around 1:30-2:00. That was back in 2003 using LBL with a non-lubed Rubik's store-bought. XD
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    Time Proportions When Solving The 3x3x3

    Cross: ~2.5 F2L: ~10 LL: ~6 =~18.5 on an average day Something like that anyway. LL varies by at least 1 sec depending on OLL case (I know only about 30-35 cases). My cross is also a bit inconsistent and slow. I should definitely be a lot faster considering how long ago I started teh cubing.
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    Anthony Brooks Volkswagen Commercial

    Yeah, I'm certain that regardless of whether Anthony beat the driver's lap time he had to agree in advance to allow VolksWagon to manipulate the results to demonstrate how amazingly fast/efficient their car is. Of course they wouldn't make a commercial and allow him to win - that would defeat...
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    Anthony Brooks Volkswagen Commercial

    This is the best commercial I've ever seen :D
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    Aachen Summer Open 2012

    O_O lolwut no way
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    Earning profit by solving your cube

    Only one time. I made $10 for solving a customer's cube while I was working as a busboy.
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    World Championships 2013 - Las Vegas

    Hmm, interesting. I would definitely consider going. :D I'm not gonna get my hopes up without an official announcement though, that's for sure.
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    Rubik's Cube Marathon (Running)

    I think it'd be epic if you solved continuously while running, and recorded the total time to run the marathon as well as total number of solves. Any way you do it will be arbitrary, so I think you should just go about it in a way that's most enjoyable, challenging, fulfilling etc. to you. Have...