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    A Thought Process to Solving Any Twisty Puzzle.

    Hello everyone. I wanted to share with you all something I wrote that was inspired by how I go about teaching others about cubing and twisty puzzles in general. What I've written is basically how to dissect and break down a puzzle and its attributions. I plan to continue adding to and refining...
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    Algorithm Generators?

    I am looking to generate some optimal algs but sadly I cannot find one compatible with my chromebook. I've tried to get cube explorer running but can't. So if anyone knows of a generator for chrome OS or how to get cube explorer working on chrome help would be most appreciated!
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    What is your favorite cubing story?

    I've a bit of a wholesome story. I was at a math conference last year and I met an old lady, maybe 80 years old. We were discussing the cube and she told me how she figured out a solution for the cube back in the 80s using just commutators and that she was very capable of figuring out a lot of...
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    Rubik's Cube sightings in media

    A cube in toy story 4, i wonder why it cannot come to life like other toys
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    Feliks Zemdegs - 6.42 3x3 average (no OLL)

    Am reconstructing these solves will edit post as i add more just realized they were already reconned elsewhere *faceplam*
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    Please send CURSED cubing images. Please

    I actually like the guanlong as a budget cube but i used it to make this video as it's so cheap. And yeah it was french however it was very rude so I dont think it would be a good idea to post the translation on here
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    Please send CURSED cubing images. Please

    Its just the best way to set up a guanlong
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    Your Official Results in Your Speedsolving Profile

    Nice feature to add! Though as others have mentioned multi blind is a little off but 16,337 in 7:25.06 is pretty good I think
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    Please send CURSED cubing images. Please

    Here's some from my insta. I get some of the best lockups ever
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    Cubesolving not just for hobby

    I use cubing as far more than just a hobby, I currently make a living off of hosting cubing workshops, attending math conference and using the cube to teach group theory, give lectures about the cube, and I use it in performance. There is far more than just competing or getting fast at cubing...
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    I would like a cubing channel but....

    So my parents used to frown upon the idea of me having a youtube channel, showing my face online or saying my real name ( i was 14-15 at the time) but i made a youtube channel anyway and never revealed any of this info and they were okay with it. Perhaps to give your mom peace of mind you could...
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    Anyone want some old cubes that are no longer relevant ?! EDIT: Sold Everything

    I'm interested in purchasing them all, PM sent
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    The reconstruction thread

    9.06 average of 12. Reconstructed the first 10, didn't do 11 cause its the slowest and didnt do 12 cause my camera memory was full so the solve cut out Edit : I reconstructed the very first average of 5 i ever posted on youtube. For fun tomorrow i am gonna retry the scrambles now and film it...
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    The reconstruction thread

    Unofficial 5.88 single by me, this is old but i've decided to post solve reconstructions i have or am currently doing cause why not :p 15.54 Unofficial One Handed Avg5 6.68 Unofficial 3x3 single 10.80 Unofficial OH single 16.87 Unofficial 3x3 SIngle Michael Conard