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    [Official] MCC Beta 3x3 Finals -- with Blake's 6.21!

    Missed half of Blake's video :'(
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    [Official] 3x3 avg5:- 11.03 seconds!

    sub11 fail :P
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    Cubing vine #10:- Cubes at home vs. at a competition

    Happened before? :P
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    [Review] YuXin 3x3

    Yuxin 3x3 Review! + a 9.22 second solve Amazing cube :D
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    Predicting OLL for the 2x2

    Using some basic insertions, you can predict how the pieces on the top layer and one corner in the base layer get influenced by those basic insertions! :)
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    Cubing Vine #9:- Chinese Cubes vs. Everything else

    This just sparked in my head :P
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    Cubing vine #8:- Proud to be a Cuber!

    we're all addicted to this! ;) subscribe :- for more! :)
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    Cubing Vine #7:- The 'Example solve' Scrambles which Pros get

    YES I know it's not F but F'.. Please spare me! QOTV:- Do you feel the same? :D Subscribe for more! :) --
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    Fangshi XingYu & Moyu Skewb Unboxing || with a 3.94 2x2 avg!

    pretty good 2x2. Impressively fast, but catches here and there.. but overall a great cube and resembles the Moyu LingPo :)
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    Improving lookahead by solving pairs Half Blindfolded

    Thanks man. Yeah I have the same problem just don't slow down TOO much; rather have your TPS just right and at the same time keep your solves fluid! :)
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    [Unofficial] MirrorBlocks single: 10.29

    " Nein! Nein! " thats what Cornelius said when he had that j perm fail in his sub 6 solve :D