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    Cubes and Also Non-cubes Competition || Finals Begin September 1st!

    I registered! Time to dominate pyra 😎
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    Favourite WCA Events (Post + Present)

    4x4, OH, Pyra and Skewb. These are also probably the best cubes in general tho.
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    Should WCA replace Stackmat timers with smart cubes?

    I mean, they should keep the stackmat for those who want to use a non-smart cube, and have smart cube as an option,but have people competing with a smart cube like a +0.5s penalty acting as them starting and stopping the timer or some other thing to keep it fair for non-smart cube cubers
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    Cubing Would You Rather

    Go to NAC next year, Have time to improve and possibly get better placings WYR: Never solve a NxN Puzzle again OR Only solve NxN Puzzles
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    Random But...

    Random but I was interested whether most cubers actually play a sport or not, I personally play Basketball and My other cuber friends don't play any, so I was wondering whether that's just my friend group or not
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    [Member Intro] Hi just joined and i want to hear your PB's mine is 24.328 on 3x3(CFOP) and 6.238 on 2x2(ORTEGA) hehe

    2x2 1.29 (Ortega) 3x3 9.98 (CFOP) 3x3 OH 31.35 (CFOP) 4x4 59.23 (Reduction) Pyraminx 0.79 ( Really lucky scramble ) (LBL) Skewb 12.43 (Beginners I think?)
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    Progression thing

    After Z perm, learn the 2 U perms. Once you can fully execute all 4 at full speed without getting them mixed up, it makes learning other algs easier. (This worked for me personally and might not work for you, also only works if you do then with slice moves )
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    What is your favourite Non-WCA event?

    Puppet Cube or Ivy Cube BLD are fun
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    Weekly Competition 2022-26

    @cazandominic Congrats!
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    letscube invites

    Anyone wanna letscube, rooms called Just Cubing, can do most events if wanted
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    The Moretry Tianma X3 is really good, I prefer the V3, and a bonus is that they are reasonably cheap What's a good magnetic skewb to get, that's cheaper than 25 USD?
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    letscube invites

    Anyone wanna letscube, can change event if wanted? rooms called Join? if the link doesnt work
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    Changing my username.

    That sounds cool and unique