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    3x3x3 Example Cross Thread

    x' y R' F' D' U' B2 Next-R B' L' F2 UL D2 R' D2 BL R' B U2 L2 U' B F' L2 R2 D'
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    Cubing FML

    I was getting a really fast 4x4 solve.. checked the timer after edge pairing.. 45 seconds... finished oll parity.... 54 seconds.... looked like a G perm .. bang 59 seconds and i stopped the timer. then I checked the back two sides and it was actually PLL parity..
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    [MarcelP] Last Layer trainer

    Help me the timer starts at 30:00:00 not 0:00:00. the program is good
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    The fastest fingers competition

    round 2-Scramble: L2 F2 D' R2 U' B2 D2 R2 D' B2 U2 F' U F R U' L2 U' R B' R cross on D initial solve- 14.08sec Prepared- 18 move solution generated using cube explorer(sorry if this is cheating. i didn't know) 7.89 seconds D' R' B' L2 B2 U2 F U F L' F' L B2 D2 F2 U' R2 B2.
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    MBTI Personality Type Test

    did anyone see question 51?
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    The 3x3x3 Example Solve Thread

    Cross on green green on bottom yellow front F' U' R' F L' F2L- y' R U2 R' U' R U R' R' U R d R U R' U' L' U L d R U' R' U L' U2 L U2 L' U' L OLL- U' R U R' U' R' F R F' PLL - R U R' y' R2 u' R U' R' U R' u R2 U B' F U' L U2 F L R' D' B2 F' U' D2 B' R U D' L...
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    Weekly Competition 2013-22

    2x2 Best average of 5: 8.88 1-5 - 8.74 (7.53) 8.74 9.16 (9.19) 3x3 Best average of 5: 20.03 1-5 - 21.49 18.69 (23.06) 19.92 (16.20) 4x4 Best average of 5: 1:45.38 1-5 - 1:49.32 1:43.96 (1:40.98) 1:42.87 (1:55.03) 2x2 - 4x4 relay 2:30:90
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    Non-Cubers say the darndest things!

    When i was sitting in the bus stop some guy said to me "I tried solving it for 40 years and I couldnt" 2013-1974=39