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    Long term practicing plan

    I haven't been active here in a couple of years, but since losing my long standing 3x3 blind NR a couple of months ago I've become interested to start really practicing again, just to win it back (and regain my old speed). The problem is that a "12 solves a day" plan that worked last time...
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    5-conjugates game, aka blind-nightmare game.

    Solving it in five algorithms is no problem when I'm finding a 2+2 pairing, close my eyes and solve them. Yes, if someone plays this very much, I can see how that helps in blind too! Fun game!
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    Could be, if using good setups. But no, the easiest is to solve them normal, after centers, and then (LU'L'U PLL parity U'LUL').
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    And even if you're using like OP or any other not centersafe method for corners, but still want to solve them before centers, you could pretty easy make sure that if you've done 6 (or 10) pieces, you make a U2 for just the centers with RL U2 R'L' U' RL U2 R'L' U'. And no matter which method, you...
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    The advantage is that it is "braindead", meaning that it can be executed very fast, since you may know exactly what to do for every letter/sticker. For every non-M-slice piece it's 5 or 7 very easy moves, which when practiced can be done very fast. Also, the M-slice pieces is actually very nice...
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    Well, you don't solve the paritys together, you just do any PLL-parity algorithm, and then a matching PLL. So if we don't consider centers, there's three kinds of parity.
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    It was of by bo an R-perm and Y-perm? Wasn't it just a threecycle of corners? I can't say for sure, but it's probably something else too.
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    Swedish Cubing Days 2011

    For those who were at the Cubing Days 2010, I think it will be pretty much the same. Same organizer (not me) and the same venue (Blackebergsskolan, Stockholm). Gunnar Krig will be WCA-delegate, and Viktor and Viktor will be organizer...
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    Well said! It's not the same thing to learn the commutator for UBR->DRB->DLF and UBR->BUL->FDL.the first on is in my eyes much easier than the other. But you still have to learn UBR->BUL->FDL, and not RUB->LBU->LFD. (Assuming you have UBR as fixed buffer.)
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    A much better way is to always memo in pairs. So if your memo is GS HE DT JE, you know that when shooting to J the M-slice is NOT off, but when shooting to E (both of 'em) it IS off.
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    Imagination - Limitless or Limited

    You really have to define what "limitless" or "limited" means, when dealing when things so abstract as imagination. What would "limitless imagination", assuming it exists. Also, I agree that the boy outside probably can imagine more things. But is that a less limited imagination?
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    Blindfold Failures Thread

    4x4 blindfolded dnf in 5:25, 2+2 centers wrong. Made me very glad and very sad at the same time.
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread

    No, you can't do the things you want to! This is what M' u2 M' u2 does. And you have NO reason to flip anything if I understand what you're saying. I recommend that you learn M2 for 3x3 before doing T-centers.
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    Memory Methods

    Just remember that "Michael Jackson/moonwalking/with a white glove/on a stage" is easy to remember, because it REALLY fits together, and the odds of getting anything that fits this good is probably 1/(20x18x16) assuming you actually have all of these things, and NOT on the same sticker. "Michael...
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    One-Answer Blindsolving Question Thread Here are "algorithms" for every case. But the m-slice centers are what makes the method go from very good to not very good (but still not bad!). The best thing to do (assuming you don't want to start learning commutators) is to make sure that you're...