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    KONY 2012 - Please watch

    I had seen several people link both the official video and articles criticizing the film before I decided to watch it. After initially watching the video I was skeptical because it seemed it was dumbing down the conflict. Then I read some of the criticism of the video. One of the things the...
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    Online Piracy Poll

    I see no reason that downloading something from the internet (for personal use) is any different than recording a television program with your DVR/VCR. It should be protected as such. Uploading something on the internet is a trickier subject, as you aren't limiting usage to personal use.
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    I think sexuality is an interesting issue. I've experimented with another guy before, but it wasn't arousing at all. I am usually attracted to lesbians. Even when I'm attracted to a girl that doesn't fit the lesbian stereotype I often learn that they are gay. I would say that probably 75% of the...
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    Survey: Christmas and Religion

    The last question was hard for me to answer. I think commercialization and religion both take away from Christmas, but there wasn't an option for that.
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    This makes you a crazy person. Unfortunately, God does instruct Christians to kill on his behalf. The Bible states that homosexuals, among others, are to be put to death.
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    Were any historical acounts of Jesus written during his lifetime? It seems he just wasn't that important of a figure until after his death.
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    Your claim that the universe could not be created without god is unfounded. We don't know how the universe began. We know it must of involved a phenomenon that is quite a bit different than what we normally observe, but we don't know that it was supernatural. If you want to call this phenomenon...
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    Scientology on SpeedSolving.

    Many people don't consider most "Christian" denominations Christian.
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    Do you still have your first cube?

    I got my first cube at a career fair. It was a promotional cube with Bloomberg logos on it. I still have it, but I restickered it with Shepherd cube stickers. The Shepherd cube is a mofo to solve by the way.
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    Dixon Open 2011

    Just because you have a riding lawn mower doesn't mean you live on a farm.
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    What are your other interests ?

    Foosball, soccer, hiking, and camping.
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    Osama bin Laden killed (was: They got him.)

    He was unarmed, but the troops had been in a firefight throughout the operation and bin Laden did violently resist capture. If you're such a tactical genius please elaborate on these other ways we could of caught him. I'm sure the ask nicely strategy would work wonders.
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    Osama bin Laden killed (was: They got him.)

    You claimed that a man responsible for the deaths of thousands, many of them trained soldiers, was not a dangerous man. This is an idiotic claim. Just saying it like it is.
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    Osama bin Laden killed (was: They got him.)

    There's a HUGE difference here. The USA did everything they could to minimize civilian casualties while Osama bin Laden did everything he could to maximize civilian casualties. The USA targeted enemy combatants while the terrorists targeted civilians. Yep. (assuming you're talking about the...
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    What's the best DIY Cube To Buy in 2011?

    Lots of information on this here: Pretty much anything is going to be better than what you have.