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    Full List of LPELL Algorithms

    Yup, that's correct.
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    Need contributors for the Cüber Dictionary!

    This is such a great idea!
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    [Review] YJ Guanlong

    Nice review. I feel like people don't stress the cheapness of this cube quite enough. Yes, it's $4 on TheCubicle, but in most shops it's usually between $2.5 and $3. On it's $1.25 and only $0.78/cube for 6 or more, so it would be the perfect cube for big MBLD attemps if it weren't for...
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    New Yuxin 5x5

    Wow, that was a well made video. More cubes should be advertised this way.
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    The QiYi Thunderclap is $6 on ChampionsCubeStore with free shipping. You could also get the Yuxin for just $7. They're definitely the best bang for your buck. They are both very comparable to other top speedcubes and are definitely on another level compared to cheap YJ cubes like the Guanlong...
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    Nationals 2015 | Trailer

    Aw man, why couldn't this trailer be longer. So excited!
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    TuRBo Edges versus M2 Edges

    Well, the main reason I was thinking of switching to R2 later on was because I thought it could speed up the process of achieveing sub-2 and most people say you shouldn't even consider BH until you're at 1:30, so I thought it could be a beneficial step up. Or at least, an okay-ish method for...
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    TuRBo Edges versus M2 Edges

    Yeah, I've been thinking about how weird it is that people usually just switch from OP to 3-style, from the most basic to the most advanced method. R2 seems pretty cool, even though people seem to have mixed opinions about it. I still need to look into it. I've looked into 3OP but it looks...
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    TuRBo Edges versus M2 Edges

    I really appreciate your anwser. Which corner method would you recommend for more advanced BLD solvers who aren't ready to make the switch to BH yet? (sorry for going off-topic)
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    TuRBo Edges versus M2 Edges

    5 year old bump ftw. I know I'm probably the 500th person to ask this but I've been having trouble at finding an accurate anwser to this question even though I have pretty good knowledge of both of these methods and I've looked at a few a threads like these. I was not able to find any newer...
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    [AsR] Yi-Fan Wu 4x4 average 31.10

    Dat tps doe. How are you able to find pieces so quickly with almost no inspection and no pauses during your solves?!
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    Custom Stackmat DIY

    I'd love to see that.
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    Get to Know Your Favorite Cuber - Cornelius Dieckmann

    I was using speakers. I've now tried listening to it at a lower volume and I find that I can still hear his voice very clearly, but the music is not so loud so I guess that fixes it lol. But at higher volumes the music is a bit distracting.
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    Get to Know Your Favorite Cuber - Cornelius Dieckmann

    This is a great series! Really enjoyed the video. I like the music, but I think you should tone it down just a bit.
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    [Poll] OCLL Time Attack

    How fast can you perform all of your OCLL's (the 7 OLLs with all edges oriented)? You can perform them in any order you like, but don't cancel any moves (R and R', F and F', etc.) and make sure to perform the algs in their entirety. I got a low 9 the other day, but I'm a nub cause I...