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    Bestsiteever mosaic - new cube mosaic building software

    Updates - UI improvements and simplifications - UI theme changed - Three pixelization options added (see picture) - The amount of steps in the gradient method isn't limited to 3 steps anymore Code-related updates: - Update to bootstrap5 - Lots of refactoring
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    Bulgaria Got Talent: 3BLD on bmx (Roman Strakhov)

    Performance video: Commentary, insights, difficulties and just random chatter
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    [Unofficial] 5x5 Blindfolded while riding bmx backwards 6:26[3:15]

    I've found some source videos of all of the attempts and decided to make a compilation
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    Bestsiteever mosaic - new cube mosaic building software

    Sorry it took me so long to respond! I might set up e-mail notifications for watched threads. It is essential that you understand what color counting really does. "44 blue" does NOT mean that there are 44 blue pixels in this picture. Instead, it means that out of all the 3x3x3 cubes in this...
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    Beginner BLD scrambles

    Here is a collection of short scrambles with specified difficulty: 3BLD short scrambles They best work for UF/UBR buffers if you scramble the cube in your BLD orientation, but the difficulty level doesn't change very much if your buffers are different or you scramble in different orientation...
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    Notation Based Reference System (NBRS): A standard for defining methods and states

    First of all, this is a huge amount of work and I haven't went through every post in this thread yet. If I understood correctly, it is possible with this method to reference/describe one and ths same cube state in multiple different ways. For example, by listing the unsolved pieces with their...
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    CoLPI - collective letter-pair images database for BLD. In all languages.

    Thanks! - "ʧ" vs. "ch" vs. "č" is just a matter of preference. I don't think "ch" wouldn't be clearer than the IPA symbol that explicitly denotes this sound. - Green color means for this letter-pair there exists an image that has sufficient votes. - There is no practical benefit from showing how...
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    Letter Pairs for BLD

    Bump: nowadays we have CoLPI. That means you have arranged letters in a very bad way that requires you to have these additional 50+ words in your vocab ;)
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    Commutator generation, 5cycles and more

    Some updates (they do not have any practical applications though but may soon have). 1) I have re-generated all pure commutators in my comms repo as some of them were not center-safe. All algs are now solved-centers-safe. I've also added 5BLD edge flips and corner twists. 2) I have uploaded my...
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    [Unofficial] 5x5 Blindfolded while riding bmx backwards 6:26[3:15]

    After successful 3BLD and 4BLD this was the next logical step. Double parity solved serparately and suboptimal algorithms executed with my cold fingers - whatever, I'm glad I'm finally done with this. Scramble: a luckier-than-average handscramble. This got me thinking: has anyone ever done...
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    What memory sports do you do to practice for BLD?

    Bumping this thread to shamelessly promote my recent creation: I couldn't find any good memory sports simulator/trainer that I can quickly use on mobile, so I've made my own.
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    Bestsiteever mosaic - new cube mosaic building software

    Bump, I've made a video describing all the features that this tool offers for the moment.
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    A collection of BLD algorithms lists

    Added Max Hilliard's list. Does anyone know his Speedsolving name?
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    ZBLL trainer

    That's an excellent idea! I will implement it when I get by.
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    Forgetting algorithms

    Forgetting algorithms is natural. I (used to) use Anki to prevent it.