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    Why does everyone hate Pogobat's beginner method tutorial?

    Ummm because he doesn't really know that much at all about cubing? lol, Ri Li Fi is SO annoying. :fp EDIT: I just noticed that was my first facepalm ever, and it feels really good
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    I don't understand this thread
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    Questions to make a graph

    11-15 age, 16-20 time
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    qqtimer color (black)

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    qqtimer color (black)

    Okay, i really like qqtimer, except for the fact that it's been black for a while, and it's just..really unappealing to me? Is there a way to change the color scheme, im turning freaking emo lol
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    Looking for Black V-Cube 5

    I have one, but it's pretty much brand new, only solved once before lol..since im not a fan of big cubes
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    Washington DC Open 2010

    Haha, I got a massive pop since I was using Kevin's cube (C II or something) instead of edison.. i mean HUGE, like half the cube collapsed lol, thanks for telling not to touch the piece Dan. Hated my avg so much i just dnfd last solve :P + I left early, when apparently i got 2nd place magic, and...
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    Cool things to put on a 7x7

    I can definitely say this is one of the dumbest threads ive ever started haha
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    Cool things to put on a 7x7

    Hey, can you guys provide some cool things you can do on a 7x7, like draw stuff.. Provide what's possible, thanks
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    SpecialtySpeedCubes Short Update

    Thanks so much guys for not getting like super upset since I started off really bad. I'm sure the new store in August/Early September will be great
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    SpecialtySpeedCubes Short Update

    Yeah, we will be driving to Cubenjoy in Korea, to pick up some of the products. It's apparently pretty close, since they've driven there before.
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    SpecialtySpeedCubes Short Update

    I can 100% guarantee Joys and Edisons from Korea, considering I'm definitely going. What I can't guarantee is having them any time before August.
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    SpecialtySpeedCubes Short Update

    Hi everyone, just wanted to give a short update on what has been going on. I will be closing the shop for until August unless something comes up that would cause me to do otherwise. I will be making a new website, getting a very large variety of cubes, and tons of Edison's, Joy's, etc. So when...
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    Cubemania Beta (Matches)

    It won't log me in, on the beta mode, though when i switch to normal, I can log in easily.