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    The FMC thread

    I found that skeleton but I also found a 16 moves to l4c skeleton and a 15 moves to good l5c but optimal for all of them was 27...
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    Solving without instructions

    Tony Fisher made a video about how he solved the cube. His solution is pretty cool!
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    Make an acronym out of the previous poster's word

    Xtreme yellow little iguanas teach old lady's Next: Xtreme
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    New Pyraminx Method That I Made

    Isn't that just L4E?
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    GAN 356 Air SM

    Rami said they changed the mech
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    GAN 356 Air SM

    Look at the first post in this thread...
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    Cubing Would You Rather

    Week before a comp Would u rather not be able to solve 4x4 or not be able to solve 5x5?
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    GAN 356 Air SM

    They only make 3x3s...
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    My method for 4x4 edge pairing

    It's F2L After Zeroing. Of course that's not what it really means that's why it's a joke. IIRC his full name is Feliks Alexander Zemdegs but I'm not entirely sure.
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    My method for 4x4 edge pairing

    It's a joke about Feliks's old name on YouTube, fazrulz1 (I think he changed it to Feliks zemdegs). The joke is that FAZ is a method he uses, F2L After Zeroing. What is zeroing? We don't know its a secret Nope they aren't trolls zeroing is just a meme. Cancellation is cancellation
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    Multi Blindfolded at Paris World Championship

    Out of 10 sextillion cubes 231 would already be solved
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    [WR] Drew Brads - 2.04 Pyraminx average

    Amazing! Just saw it on the stream
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    [AsR] 2.48 Pyraminx Average - Yulun Wu

    There is a difference between record average and winning average. For example and the nats 2016 drew brads got and the 2.14 WR pyra average and tend won the first three rounds but ended up 2nd in the finals. In the finals livia Kleiner won making her the US champion but I would have to say that...
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    [AsR] 2.48 Pyraminx Average - Yulun Wu

    Maciej czapieweski who won the round with a 2.47 average apparently uses LBL
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    It's actually spelled "Erno (Nice) Rubric"