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    2x2 Experts -- Need your help for 3x3!

    Hello there. I could be of help - I'm not a terribly fast 3x3 solver but my best average of 12 is 14.78.... With CF! How do you solve edges? I don't do waterman - but basically an optimized version of Ortega.
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    Wiki Discussion Thread

    Chris, if I actually use these algorithms, I'd like to have #4, with all solid colors on the top, meaning none of the cubies should be greyed out. Of course permutation arrows would be fun, but I actually think that many recognize patterns by blocks and not permutations per se. :)
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Best Average of 12: 1:28.34 σ: 23.29 Best Time: 1:21.08 Worst Time: 2:38.99 Individual Times: 1:22.67, (2:38.99), 1:25.11, 1:21.74, 1:22.38, 1:31.98, 1:33.55, 1:42.03, 1:23.74, (1:21.08), 1:31.58, 1:28.65 Everyone's super fast these days, it's hard to catch up... But 5x5 with sandwich is love...
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    [Unofficial] sandwich 5x5x5 ra12: 1:33.42

    guysensei1: socks high pants high NUS high ;) Berd: thanks! TMOY: I actually worked on old ideas last summer and learned a few neat new tricks and more algorithms to increase efficiency of solves :) which was how I cut my global average for 5x5 by 20-25s or so! My global average should be...
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    [Unofficial] sandwich 5x5x5 ra12: 1:33.42

    video as requested by qqwref! haven't been cubing properly for ages, and its nice to get down to the low 1:30s on average, especially on video! this happens to be my pb average too. Best Average of 12: 1:33.42 σ: 3.47 Best Time: 1:27.61 Worst Time: 1:39.15 Individual Times: 1:33.82, 1:35.28...
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    Sandwich 3x3 - applications to Roux-style L5E and L3E

    That is entirely true, too; but there are so many fun cases I've got here =P I was working on learning full 1-look midges but I abandoned it because I couldn't find a good recognition system. Kirjava, if you ever see this: surely you know most cases of last redge+orienting midges?
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    Sandwich 3x3 - applications to Roux-style L5E and L3E

    Hello. I am preparing a comprehensive sandwich guide (for my own pleasure mostly) - and I am releasing what could be useful to Roux 3x3 users. I have included cases I know of 1-look midges (ledge+redge skip?), as well as orienting midges + inserting Redge if Ledge is skipped (hence, L5E)...
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    Sammich (direct solving) example solves, for 4x4; reintroduction

    Hello world. I have been dormant for years now; basically being conscripted out of high school wasn't fun… and school of course soon right after ;p I am a rising Junior @ IU. For those who don't know me: I use sammich. For all cubes. 4x4 was my specialty! I do not use CFOP for 3x3 because...
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    Summit City Open 2015 (Fort Wayne, IN March 7)

    Anyone from IU Bloomington going to this?
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    How many Singaporean cubers?

    where do you live? would like to try it out. anyway i don't use f2l/fridrich :P
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    How many Singaporean cubers?

    not actively. I'm cubing on and off, when I feel like I need a break. Recently, I've been working on corners first for 3x3, and have been consistently sub 20. But what is sub 20 nowadays T_T I'll need to wait for a better 4x4 to come out before I start trying to break the 45s average barrier lol
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    How many Singaporean cubers?

    cool, so you're my junior. i'm from the class of 2011. and to reply one of the posts up there - I was part of the old type C/D generation. We have mostly retired from the scene… Just happened to see this because I just got a little bored and decided to visit this forum again after quite...
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    The 46mm type C 4x4 is out!

    I wonder how this can turn out for center comms :P or slice moves
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    Move/look count for L4C/L5C for sandwich/cage

    the last time i was speedsolving the was basically, as somerandomkidmike has mentioned, my 3x3+4x4 method. first 2 centers, corners, finish tredges on yellow and white, 4x4 midges, 3x3 midges, last 4 centers. back to topic, maybe I should revive one method I tried to develop...slightly...
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    Move/look count for L4C/L5C for sandwich/cage

    8 move comms like niklas can be done really fast, if you're looking at speed. especially if they are restricted to <r, l, U>. besides [r2,f2] and [r2,S2] i don't use any more 4 movers :P