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    Memory Methods

    Don't get discouraged, audio is hard. It took me over 5000 solves before I got comfortable with it. It may help if you set certain rules for the phonemes (eg- "a" always sounds like the "a" in "father"). Is there anything in particular that you are struggling with (tracing, coming up with...
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    Random Blindfold Cubing Discussion

    The first one is objectively optimal because it is fewer qtm. If we count UD as one qtm (which we should), then [UR'UD:[D2, RU'R']] is 14 qtm while [UR'U':[R'U'R, D2]] is 15 qtm
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    3-Style Tutorial

    Part 2 is up!
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    Multiblindfold Discussion (PBs, Successes, Fails)

    29/33 in 1:10:19 [50:35/19:44]. First attempt at 33 cubes and I used 32 new rooms. Pretty happy about this since the most cubes I had attempted prior to this was 25.
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    [Help Thread] Blindfolded discussion and help

    I'm not sure if his "3-style" falls under the same category of everyone else's "3-style" lol. He also uses a lot more buffers than UF and UFR :P
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    3-Style Tutorial

    Yep, Mark sums it up pretty well. These are "guidelines" not "rules that must be followed." The general consensus among top BLDers is those two guidelines and I agree with them because I actually learned 3-style when I averaged around 3 mins. It almost made me quit BLD though, because I wasn't...
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    3-Style Tutorial

    Part 1: The Basics Part 2: Speed-Optimization Part 3: Where to go from here (coming soon) I may also make some tutorials on bigBLD comms and advanced 3-style tips and tricks
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    [Help Thread] Blindfolded discussion and help

    swap wings. do midges too for 5BLD
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    [Unofficial] 2:43.79 FeetBLD UWR

    After practicing for over a week and doing more than 100 solves, I finally got a success...Yep, I only got 1 success out of over a 100 solves. Feet blind was much harder than I initially thought because feet turning is imprecise and I couldn't tell if I did an extra move or messed up my...
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    PB (I think) with CE/EC memo/exec. 9 algs but I had a double rotation in there lol Generated By csTimer on 2018-5-16 single: 26.81 Time List: 1. 26.81 R' L' U' D F U L B' U' B F2 L' D2 L' F2 B2 L' B2 D2 L2 Fw Uw'
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    Roman Rooms tutorial

    Yep, just like cubeshepherd said, you can use this for OP/OP. Rooms is just a way to memorize information, it doesn't matter how you execute the info. The information doesn't even have to be cubing related, memory athletes use rooms to memorize 1000s of digits of pi, decks of cards, etc. And...
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    Roman Rooms tutorial

    Hey guys, here's my tutorial on Roman Rooms! Roman rooms, the journey method, the method of loci, and a memory palace all refer to the same thing. This concept is pretty much necessary for bigBLD and MBLD. I also go over a few finer concepts (connecting your first image, handling order mistakes...
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    Unofficial BLD Relay Records

    After Team Europe's 8-man and 4-man BLD relay UWRs, I figured it was a good time to make a doc to keep track of the records as well as establish some rules. The doc can be found here:
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    How about using the Hiragana script as lettering scheme?

    uh doesn't this require you to know japanese?