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    Siamese cube build/MOD

    I built this just by gluing three pieces together and that is is, just think logical and you will figure it out!!
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    Accomplishment Thread

    Got a 15 second cn solve
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    Whats the best 3 by 3 in your opinion?

    Bruh, u forgot the best 3x3, the weilong gts 1
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    Ganspuzzle v1?

    I am looking for a picture f the first gan cube!
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    My review of Qiyi's new MS line of budget cubes (really great value)

    can i just say i love ur profile pic lol. Solvable? scramble?
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    Owen's Petrus Tutorial

    Just be your self! if you only make what you think is good and what you like, then almost no one will think it will be good, but make something OG and something different!
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    Owen's Petrus Tutorial

    Ok, Owen, first of all fix ur link on you profile, it takes me to a 404. Second of all great job on the vid!!
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    (New) What cubes should be added to the WCA events list?

    Wondering what ya'll think. I think mirror blocks, fisher and kilo should be added.
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    2020 Cubing Goals / Resolutions

    2x2:tbe don't care, already sub 6 3x3 sub 12 4x4 sub 1 square-1 sub 20
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    quarintine cubing|Virtual cubing.|

    I know. I love it
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    [FOUND} Look to trade for a 6X6

    I just want any functional 6x6, nothing fancy, I just want one and wdym @BenChristman1?
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    I will record the video tonight.

    I will record the video tonight.
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    [FOUND} Look to trade for a 6X6

    No, it is this one. QiYi QiHeng S Megaminx (Sculpted) – › products › qiyi-qiheng-s-mega...