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    [WR] - 9.47 OH 3x3 Avg - Max Park

    Great avg by Max, his hard work always paid off! I guess I'll practise a bit for nats, we'll see what happens haha 0.07? I thought its 0.05... o wait 954 not 952 oops
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    The reconstruction thread

    smh louis all those fake rotations destroyed the ETM... Kian Mansour - 10.87 3x3 OH average - CUTS 2018
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    [Help Thread] Should I switch to Roux?

    Identify the method that you think is better and stick with that one. If you put the effort in, you could get your roux times equal to your CFOP within 1 month, so that shouldn't be a factor that discourages you from switching.
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    [Help Thread] Roux Discussion and Help

    Try to get your first block done in under 4 seconds. Splits for sub-20 should be around 4-6-4-6 or similar. Yeah that's called white/yellow neutrality. I see that some of your first blocks are fairly inefficient, so I suggest using the block trainer to improve efficiency. You should aim for a...
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    [Canadian NR] Bill Wang - 6.72 3x3 Average

    I'll see what I can do :p November 11th hype
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    [Canadian NR] Bill Wang - 6.72 3x3 Average

    Top 10 sub 10, top 10 sub 4. Finally sub 7 yes bill go team germany 1! i mean, team USA1! I mean, team canada1
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    What's a nemesis? Why is Feliks my only nemesis? edit: i found the about page: "A nemesis is someone who has a better official result than you in every event you have officially participated in (both average and single)." edit 2: haha somehow my blind single and my 2x2 average keep me safe from...
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    Two easy questions

    Yes and yes. The sticker shades just need to be different enough that the judges, scramblers, and delegate can differentiate them. Each sticker also needs to be a solid colour. Source: WCA Regulations 3d) Puzzles must have...
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    where will world's 2019 be.

    Not Australia. Either South Korea or China.
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    Who will win worlds?

    I'm going to worlds. I'm making finals.
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    [Canadian NR] Kian Mansour - 6.86 3x3 average

    I think what @Malkom is trying to say is that it would be completely incorrect to make the assumption that Roux CFOP and ZZ are EXACTLY equal. I agree, we can't just assume that their absolute limits are all the exact same. One has to be better than the rest by a slight margin. At this point in...
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    Top 10 Fastest Speedcubers

    No Kavin, the "eh" goes at the end of the sentence.
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    Top 10 Fastest Speedcubers

    "Official solves are the only ones that matter" -Bill Wang, Aug 21, 2016 End of discussion.