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    Online Piracy Poll

    I'm doing this survey for an English essay. It'd be a huge help if you guys could just quickly fill out the poll. If you'd like to explain your answer or if in my midmorning rush, the poll turns out all poopy and not specific enough, that would help too.
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    Need help with composition of functions

    I guess I was trying to satisfy the domain of f(x) too. I see now that the range of g(x) has to be the domain of f(x). For g(x) >= 1, x^2 <= 1. So, the domain is [-1,1]. Well, I got half the domain right. I hope it was only worth 1 point on the test.
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    Need help with composition of functions

    I see it now. We use interval notation for domain and range so I'm hoping my teacher misread part of a bracket as a negative sign.
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    Need help with composition of functions

    OK, so I had this problem on a test last week and I haven't gotten it back yet so it's been really bugging me for a few days now. If f(x)=sqrt(x-1) and g(x)=2-x^2, what is the domain of f(g(x))? I figured that only 1 would work and was wondering if I was right.
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    alphabet ftw

    I fail at the alphabet
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    Where do you think US Nationals 2010 should be held?

    Ooh, I'm not going to Nationals in 2010. Should I choose a location and tell Tyson to hold one there or should I just tell you so you can tell him?
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    Where do you think US Nationals 2010 should be held?

    Hmm, makes sense, lots of amazing UK cubers, public transit, and easy access for Europeans.
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    Rate the person above you.

    10/10 for getting over his Type C fixation.
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    Your Pet Peeve(s)

    Go to hell :p
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    Your Pet Peeve(s)

    I really hate seeing people type 'lol' into every sentence no matter what. I just wonder what the hell is going through their heads to have to put that everywhere.
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    [Unofficial] 21.5 second solve(3x3)

    Windows Movie Maker or iMovie...
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    Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver

    493 pokemon actually And has all the updates.
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    How to speedsolve a rubiks magic

    Everyone knows this already, don't hold the puzzle when you start, and drop the puzzle before you stop the timer.
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    Cool dog

    It's too pixel-y, I can't really tell for sure when it's your voice or your dog's whining, and there's nothing really special with what you did there. I think there's a video of even a puppy doing that, but with whistling.
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    How to get sub 20?

    Look ahead constantly and execute algorithms as fast as you can. That's what I do.