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    Random Blindfold Cubing Discussion

    It sounds like a lot, but in reality you'll already have a pretty good idea what you might want to use. About 80-90% will be easy. For example: FK, CK, PS, BJ are obviously rude words, which are actually better choices, because they're easier to remember. BA, CW, SH and GF could all be...
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    [UWR] MBLD 49/49 59:55+

    B E A S T
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    [ER] Roman Strakhov 4BLD 1:50.27

    Lol, I guess not. I guess it's more of a sign that is dying. Max Park's WR 4x4x4 single is on the front page with 3 replies or so, along with this one. Views are very low compared to what they used to be. Maybe I'm officially a dinosaur now. Shiiiiiiiip.
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    [ER] Roman Strakhov 4BLD 1:50.27

    A very underrated record.
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    A Collection of Algorithms

    Yeah, kind of T-permy. Cool. Not a fan of that first block of moves though.
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    [Help Thread] Not being nervous with cubing in public

    From my experience, it helps to know a few things: The more you expose yourself to solving in public, the more you realise it's nothing to fear. It sounds easier said than done, I know. But it's the first step to being more confident at the timer - just knowing what to expect. If you're fast...
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    [Official] MBLD 39/40 in 1:00:00

    From your last two attempts the combined score is something like 80/82? Which is awesome
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    Why wont Kilominx w/others become an event?

    fight feet rudder EDIT: I misunderstood the original post because I'm a functioning human being
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    Random Blindfold Cubing Discussion

    And to execute, ((M' U')*4 y' x')*3 is really fast IMO.
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    Blindfold Accomplishment Thread

    Nah, I struggle to break 35s nowadays. This was probably the easiest scramble that I've seen anywhere, 6/6 scrambles must be rare.