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    Harry Savage 17 FMC Single + Sebastiano Tronto 24.00 mean

    It is, but for 18 move solutions and fewer, it is actually mathematically most likely that the solution is optimal, due to the rarity of the scrambles of length (solution length -1). Which explains why my 18 and Harry's 17 were both optimal. I guess Sebastiano's 18 was not, but we now have 3...
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    [Help Thread] 4x4 Discussion and Help

    1) press caps lock button 2) manually twist the unsolved corner with your hand. you must have twisted without realizing it
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    Should I get 4*4 for my son?

    Also, the main method for solving a 4x4 involves "turning it into" a 3x3, and then solving that 3x3 with the beginners method. So he would still be able to practice his 3x3 skills!
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    Should the Weekly Competition Fewest Moves event be run as mean of 3 or as best of 3?

    @Mike Hughey how would this change the scoring for FMC? Would more points be allotted for effort with the three attempts?
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    [Help Thread] Roux Discussion and Help

    What is your current method for recognition? None of the above ;) You have a physically twisted corner that cannot be solved with algorithms. Solve first two blocks, phyiscally twist all of the corners upwards so that their yellow stickers are on top, and then lookup the CMLL. This should...
  6. O - High Quality Puzzles, Custom-Cut Stickers, Premium Lubricants & More!

    guys. they literally just launched the site. give it a couple of weeks
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    The FMC thread

    Here's the scramble: R' U' F R2 B2 R' B2 L D2 R' U2 B L' B2 L2 D2 L' B D' B2 L' F R' U' F Chad is me by the way ;)
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    The FMC thread

    Guys the 14 UWR was a prank lol
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    [WR] Chad Batten - 18 FMC

    Idk but I really want one Thanks! All it took was some skill and a stupid amount of luck lol
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    [Unofficial] 3x3 - 3.85 Single - Seung-Hyuk Nahm

    This was the main video that inspired me while I was learning.
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    [Help Thread] Finger Tricks

    Left ring presses the BD sticker for M', DB sticker for M, left ring and then left middle on BD for M2.
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    Current Fastest Corners-First-Method Solver

    I think maybe @shadowslice e or Tao Yu would be good candidates for the fastest PCMS solver, or at the very least they'll know who is
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    Current Fastest Corners-First-Method Solver

    Do you consider PCMS to be a corners first method?
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    One-Answer 4x4 Question Thread

    ah, it's a 4x4. that would be irresolvable on a 3x3, but this is a special case on a 4x4 where you can run into that called PLL parity. just do: 2R2 U2 2R2 u2 2R2 u2 U2 Then, resume your method from how the cube looks afterwards, and you should be able to solve it