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    Re-immersing myself into the world of speedcubing

    Re-immersing myself into the world of speedcubing
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    [Help Thread] Clock Discussion Thread

    Does anyone else's clock have corner clocks that don't properly point to 12 for some reason? :/ It's hard to explain, but no matter what the clock face on the corners slightly touch 12, but are never on it exactly. (I might edit this post with pictures when I'm able to.) I use the new (I think)...
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    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    ..I thought I remembered him saying that he was retiring after Nationals.. I dunoo.. D-don't quote me on it, but yes, I think he might not be cubing for a while, if not, at all. :F
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    One Answer Question Hardware Thread

    ..You mean extra washers? If so then no, they don't seem to include extra washers. .-. ----- (This may or may not belong in this forum..) What can I do with my Dayan 2x2 to make it stop popping, or even pop less than it does now? All I've done is lube it with maru lube so far and it's on really...
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    One-Answer 2x2x2 Question Thread

    ..A vid of someone executing this PBL alg: R U' R' U' F2 U' R U R' D R2 ? I feel like it might be better than the F R U' R' U' R U R' F' R U R' U' R' F R F' alg, which is why I'm trying to get into using it, but it's kinda hard to fingertrick it well.. :F ..Also.. If I get a scramble where I...
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    [Help Thread] Is my cube / puzzle a dud?

    Hmm.. It felt pretty tight at stock tensions and I didn't move too far away from them when retensioning.. Oh well.. Thanks though, I guess it's worth a shot informing them about the situation..
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    [Help Thread] Is my cube / puzzle a dud?

    Uh.. Might have worded that wrong.. .-. Basically, there are the center pieces with the little hooks and a cap that goes on it. The cap has small nubs on it that get inserted to the other half to make one center piece.
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    [Help Thread] Is my cube / puzzle a dud?

    I have no idea if this is my fault or not, but I've been experiencing some pretty awful problem with my Moyu Aosu's centercaps. I bought the cube and it felt really nice, however, when I tried to solve the cube a few times, the centers would come off very easily (not my fault, came like this out...
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    [Review] MoYu AoSu 4x4x4

    ..I feel like I have a dud cube.. OnO you know, the one cube out of a million that companies make that are worse than their normal cubes? ..Yeah.. Funny thing is, this happened on my Yuxin too, so I guess I might be at fault for these incidents. .__.
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    [Review] MoYu AoSu 4x4x4

    YES. I'M HAVING THIS PROBLEM TOO. ;~; The caps are so bad, one of the nubs on the cap broke off when I tried to take it out (on day two of owning the cube) ..I'm not sure if sticking a small piece of paper inside would help, but I might just go ahead and buy some glue. And while I'm at it, a...
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    One-Answer Skewb Question Thread

    ..Would it hurt to try practicing on a bad skewb at first to improve accuracy?
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    One-Answer Skewb Question Thread

    If a corner cap is popped off at the end of the solve, is it considered a DNF?
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    One Answer Question Hardware Thread

    My Moyu Hualong feels pretty fast, almost too fast for me to handle. >~< I only have a screwdriver and standard Lubicle at my disposal.. Is there a way I could try slowing my Hualong down without ruining it?
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    4x4 Race Thread! (30/45/1:00/1:15/1:30/2:00)

    Congrats on the Sub-1 Single! :D Round 54 Race to Sub-1:30 Generated By csTimer on 2015-7-29 avg of 12: 1:27.13 Time List: 1. 1:20.17 2. 1:30.48 3. 1:20.44 4. 1:33.43 5. (2:44.39[A mere two piece pop. .__.]) 6. 1:41.56 7. (1:13.63[First time that would...
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    Nationals 2015 Group Picture

    I see why Saturday might not work, I sorta picked it since most people might be leaving on Sunday, myself included. .-. I guess Sunday's a better option but I'm still kinda for Saturday.